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The Committee would like to extend grateful thanks to Andy Meany for all his support in creating this website and for the supply of various images, including the one above.

Minutes of Previous Meetings​:

Minutes of the meeting of Thursday 13th February 2020


1. Helen Lane, in place of Beryl Richardson who was unwell, welcomed everyone especially guests Janet Smith, Janet Parry and Heather Des Forges.

2. The Refreshment team did us proud with special treats and table decorations appropriate for St Valentine's Day.


3.  The Minutes for the last meeting were signed.


4.  There was good news of members recovering from illness. The Membership Co-ordinator asked for news, good as well as bad, of members so that someone could visit or be in touch.


5. Kay O'Toole was our speaker. The story of an amazing trip on a tandem, covering 11,500 miles through 9 countries in all kinds of weather, left members full of admiration. Kay brought the tandem with her and set up the tent and the equipment they carried and displayed the maps they used. 


6. News was given of the next production by The Colwall Players to be performed in February at Colwall Village Hall.


7. The next meeting will be on Thursday 12th March when the Ray Sturdy will give his talk 'Worcestershire Remembered'. 


Minutes of meeting of 9th January 2020 


1. Beryl Richardson, Chairman, welcomed everyone, especially new members Felicity Lee and Jutta Husband and guest Dorothy Lockyear.  

2.  There were apologies from 5 members.


3.  Pam and helpers Janet Brookes and Jan Meany were thanked for doing the refreshments.


4.  We were delighted to see two members who had been unwell at the end of last year.


5.  The Minutes for the last meeting were signed.


6.  Two imminent birthdays were announced – Deirdre Morgan and Jerry Pearce.


7. Andy Meany was the speaker and gave a talk about his work overseas building medical facilities in remote places. Members would like to hear more of his travels.


8. A request was made for volunteers who might be able to give lifts to bring members to meetings. Other offers of assistance would be appreciated.


9. The next meeting will be on Thursday 13th February when the speaker will be Kay O'Toole.  She will be describing a round the world adventure on a tandem.