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Rosemary Wilson, one of our Members, and her husband Ian came up with the following idea to lighten our circumstance and give Colwall a reason for fun! Read below for details of what they had in mind!

During this time of plague we have tried to put a smile on faces by putting little displays in the front garden at Brighton Villas and now we have an idea to get all of Colwall joining in. Midsummer, the longest day falls at a weekend this year, so we suggest the following:


20th & 21st of June

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In Colwall

Dress your house with Fairy lights, Fairies, Elves, etc.


And as it gets dark on the 20th take a stroll around the village, greet people, have a drink, wear costume. Of course if villagers would like to recite passages from the play or other fairy works to their neighbours that would be splendid.


But remember to keep a safe distance. Fairies don’t like you to get too close. Think how the indigenous people in far off lands had their populations decimated by diseases we took to them.

The little chap in the photos is a member of the Pipe Cleaner Theatre Collective who will be performing a tableau of a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream at 2 Brighton Villas on the 20th June.
For pictures from the night of the event please go to our Members' Page.

Worcestershire Remembered: Ray Sturdy                 March 2020

In March our speaker was Ray Sturdy whose talk ‘Worcestershire Remembered’ is a reflection on a way of life at the end of Victoria's reign and into the Edwardian era, but now gone; when old ways disappeared and Britain moved forward into an age of industrial progress and social change.

World Adventure on a Tandem: Kay O'Toole        February 2020

How are you at holiday packing? Versatile? Creative? Minimalist? Could you pack for a cycling holiday?  Difficult enough, but when you are going for nine months, will be travelling through several climate zones and your baggage has to include a tent and cooking equipment, then it sounds absolutely impossible. However, Kay and Sean O'Toole did manage it and Kay told the incredible story of their adventures cycling round the world on a tandem, travelling through 9 countries and covering 11,500 miles, experiencing gruelling heat, camping in sub-zero temperatures and discovering that people world-wide have the same curiosity, kindness and generosity of spirit.​

My Dad, the Spy Speaker: Andy Meany                  January 2020

Andy Meany's children used to say their father was a spy; it was a way of avoiding explanations about his job providing medical facilities in remote places definitely not on the tourist map; imagine road transport without even basic comforts, planes which shed bits along the way, impossible temperature ranges and builders who found creative ways of not building to requirements.  There were certainly challenges but there was also satisfaction and humour; clinic attendance wasn't always to see the doctor - where else could one charge the mobile?  But there were also opportunities to see the world and we were enjoying a quick trip through Africa and Asia until the reality of Colwall time and obligations cut in; we had to be abandoned in Mongolia with several other places still to be visited so we need part 2 of this fascinating story…..

Sleep - Perchance to Dream: Dr Kate Bellamy   December 2019

'TIREDNESS KILLS, TAKE A BREAK': the motorway signs are right as tired drivers kill more people than those affected by drink or drugs!  Dr Kate Bellamy emphasised the importance of good quality sleep patterns to our wellbeing and gave us some ideas on how to improve our sleep.  No one put them to the test during her talk; it was too interesting and it gave us so many things to think about that no one wanted to waste a moment of it by dozing – then. 

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