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9th May 2024                    Madresfield: the true Brideshead
                                                                                         Marguerite Collins
This is the story of Madresfield Court, the beautiful Elizabethan home of the Lygon family.  We will also hear of the connection to Brideshead Revisited.

13th June 2024                              History of the Teddy Bear
                                                                          David Chatterley
David will bring along about 30 of his collection of more than 400 bears, two of which date back to 1905/1910.  He will explain bear making, how the bear got the name teddy bear, etc.  He invites everybody to bring along their own bears for identification and valuation.

20th June 2024O                                                         Outing                                                    Chavenage House and Tetbury
We will leave Colwall at 9.30am to arrive at Chavenage House at about 11am for coffee/tea and biscuits (no extra charge).  We will then be taken on a tour of Chavenage House and the church.  We will leave for Tetbury at 1pm to find some lunch, do some shopping and explore the town.  We will leave Tetbury at 3.30pm to arrive back in Colwall at 5 pm.  Friends and family all welcome. 

11th July 2024                                   Annual General Meeting
                                          followed by The Laura Ashley Story
                                                                                      Jo Carter
Jo, a great fan of Laura Ashley, will tell us about Laura's life and her distinctive designs.

August 2024                                                   No meeting

12th September 2024                 The Whys and Wherefores                                                                                    of Tudor Life
                                                                          Adrienne Grinyer

We will be entertained by two ladies in Tudor costume, who will show us what life was really like for ordinary folk back in those far-off days.  The talk will cover homes, families, food, drink, remedies, superstitions and even some of the songs which were popular at the time. 

10th October 2024                                             Glass Making
                                                                                Vicky Kitchen

Vicky Kitchen of Kingcote Gallery, Flyford Flavell will talk briefly about Glass Art.  We will then have an opportunity to make a piece of glass art for ourselves - either a coaster or small wall hanging.  Materials will be provided for which there will be a small charge of around £5. 

14th November 2024                            Gunpowder Plot - A                                                                               Midlands Rising
                                                                                  Philip Bowen

Philip Bowen will talk to us about the gunpowder plot.  This was the biggest terrorist plot in our history under Elizabeth I and James I.  The conspirators, objectives, plan and its dramatic failure will be examined.

Thursday, 12th December 2024             Christmas Lunch

9th January 2025         A Literary Trail around the Malverns
                                                                             Mary Constable
Mary Constable, accompanied by her husband David, will take us on a literary trail around the Malvern Hills. 

13th February 2025      Neville Chamberlain and his Family
                                                                          Susan Humphrey

Susan's talk is about her grandfather, Neville, his family, and the ground-breaking work done by him and his father, Joe, on Birmingham City Council.  Susan will tell us about Neville's preparation for the war he felt was inevitable, and his efforts to forestall it, by setting up the Munich agreement.

13th March 2025                                           A Town like...
                                                                           Brian Havercroft

Brian will tell us about Central Australia, warts and all, showing what it has to offer and his experiences while there.

10th April 2025                                           The Becket Effect
                                                                               Trish Hayward

This will be a fairly light-hearted consideration of how the western world reacted to the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170 and how the story has continued to be told and interpreted through the centuries, right up to the present day.

8th May 2025                                  The Beauchamp Dynasty
                                                                                 Sally Dickson

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